The village


Pyrgi is the largest village of Chios. It is very rich and important in archaeology and folklore.

It has a large square where the festivals are held. On August 15 when the Assumption of Mary is celebrated a lot of visitors attend the festival in order to see and dance to the traditional dance, called pyrgousikos.

Pyrgi took its name from the tall tower, around of which the village was built. The tower was built during the Genovese period.  

The village was surrounded by a tall wall, with only two entrances which would shut with iron gates. These are the “Ano Porta” and the “Kato Port” and are preserved until nowadays.

Pyrgi has a lot of churches, more than any other village. The temple of St. Apostoles, a masterpiece of Byzantine art, the Assumption church, the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, St. Stefanos, St.Basileios, and others.

At Pyrgi there is a Medical Centre, a chemist’s and also supermarket, bank, restaurants, cafes and bars.


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