Kato Fana


Kato Fana Beach lies west of Pyrgi at a 6-kilometre-distance. It is a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters.

The surrounding area has archaeological interest, as the findings include the Fanaios Apollo Temple and the relics of an early christian period church.


Mavra Volia - Emporios


Mavra Volia beach lies to the south of Pyrgi, at a distance of 5 kilometres. The beach is a sight worth seeing, as its large black pebbles are product of volcano activity. Its worth noting that the beach lies between two inactive volcanoes. More specifically, three successive  beaches have been created. The dark blue waters here are crystal clear and deep .

The Emporios area is also important in archaeological terms, as excavations have brought to light of a 6.000 B.C. settlement.


Other nearby beaches are those of Komi (4 km.) and Karinda (5 km.). 

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