About us


by Aggeliki Glotsou, nee Pantelaki

We have the pleasure to welcome you to our holiday home. It is a two-storey traditional house in the village of Pyrgi, on the street called “Fardia”.

A high, two-storey building, not unlike the other buildings of Pyrgi, attached to the neighbouring buildings.

Now as to how I decided on the villa’s name, well, it is all about feelings. It signifies nostalgia for the beautiful carefree years of my childhood, when I lived with my grandparents in the village, during the holidays.

I might tire you a bit with my reminiscing but all this that I want to write, I feel that I owe it to these people.

I believe that God gave my parents the opportunity to restore the building, so that my grandparents, who are now in heaven, will be happy about it. I therefore dedicate this project to these people, with whom I spent sweet, loving, unforgettable moments together. I feel saddened and inexplicably nostalgic when I think of them and the generous love that they selflessly gave me. They both were very generous people, and they gave me everything.

This is the story of the house we have now turned into a lovely holiday home, which I like to call small villa. In the old days, my grandfather would use it as a stable. I remember that every afternoon I would accompany him here, to help him feed the animals he kept there, especially a baby donkey that was my favourite.  He would say “Come now, it is time to go to Andria’s Annou’s place”. As a little girl back then, I had never wondered why the name of the stable was Andria’s Annou’s. And I never asked my grandpa about it.

Until today I do not have any more information about it, but it doesn’t bother me particularly. Just reading the sign over the door is enough for me, as I feel that all this is in honour of my ancestors, all those people that deserved so much that we could not offer them when they were here with us, because we took them for granted. But when they leave us, then their absence is devastating, and fills us with guilt, not because we did not love them, but because we would have liked to have spent more time with them. But life doesn’t always come our way. Despite all this, they will always hold a special place in my heart, since I spent the moστ carefree times of my life with them.


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